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Dutch Orange Mix - Original Blend

Dutch Orange Mix - Original Blend
Mellow - Chilled, Relaxing, Cannabinoid, Mellow
1 gram
Prijs € 7,95
5 grams
Normale: € 39,75
Prijs € 34,95
5 grams + Evolve-D Vape Pen
Normale: € 54,85
Prijs € 49,95
2 x 5 grams
Normale: € 79,50
Prijs € 62,91
5 grams + Grace Glass Premium Bong Kit
Normale: € 184,95
Prijs € 109,90
4 x 5 grams
Normale: € 159,00
Prijs € 124,95
Dutch_Orange_Mix_Original_Blend.png Dutch Orange Mix - Original Blend DO_Saxo_01.png Dutch Orange Mix - Original Blend DO_Evolve-D_01.png Dutch Orange Mix - Original Blend
Dutch Orange Mix

Een krachtige, kruidenmix die je gegarandeerd een effect bezorgt dat vergelijkbaar is met dat van cannabis. Je kan er op je eentje van genieten of samen met vrienden. Dutch Orange Mix is nog maar eens een voorbeeld dat de natuur zo haar manieren heeft om de mensheid te helpen te genieten van wat het leven te bieden heeft.

De belangrijkste bestanddelen van Dutch Orange Mix zijn Kanna extract, passiebloemextract en andere volledig legale kruidenextracten. Deze worden gecombineerd volgens een geheim recept en vormen zo een zeer doeltreffende kruidenmix.
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Ordered this after I saw the money back guarantee in the e-mail, was fully expecting to be asking for it back. Certainly won't be wanting any money back, will be ordering this again!! Super fast delivery, ordered Monday morning, received Thursday (today), 15 mins after arriving, skinned up, smoked and I'm buzzin. Excellent mix, thanks Shayana!!


kay. dont smoke this pure w/ weed. i am tripping 2hard right now


Tastes AWFUL! But has awesome effects so I'd say give it a go :)


vrai !!! y'a qu'ca qui m'va.. ---------- un petit moins néanmoins, pas de bons de reduc ou frais de ports offerts pour mes anniv.(ersaires)


Wow... impressionant ! J'étais sceptique au début, je m'attendais à un tabac épicé, mais j'ai en fait été plus défoncé avec ça qu'avec de la beuh, tout en chargeant moins. Vraiment étonnant, je recommande


I love it! Tastes fairly good when mixed with tobacco and gives a nice high feel. I highly recommend!


I am soooo impressed with this product if you are a regular herbal user give it a go, it really surprised me I would recommend highly and have re ordered more than once :))))


Greaat stuff Really really liked it.
Will order this blend again asap

Greaat stuff Really really liked it.
Will order this blend again asap


Totally seduced by this mix, you can trust shayana : first delivery on 8days, second on 5. It is a good solution when you got no real weed or hash. Good smelling, and taste. These are different from marijuana but I like it. Effects are similar, at the beginning i would advice to not use a lot at once cause it might surprise even an old smoker like me. Then after several uses, i mean consecutives weaks smoking you might have to put some more into your joints.


Doesn't even burn your throat, i think the taste is nice.