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Canary Grass Seeds

Canary Grass Seeds
1 gram
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Prijs € 5,55
Canary Grass (Phalaris aquatica) is a perennial plant native to the Mediterranean region but, has a wide distribution in grassland regions across the globe. Canary grass can grow up to 1,5 meters tall with a spread of half a meter. The leafs have a blade shape with a blue-green color when fresh and like straw when dried. In summer the flowers will grow on the top of the erect stem, high above the leaves, with a pinkish/purple tone. It is very easy to grow Canary Grass since it is a grass that tolerates floods and also drought.

Effecten Canary Grass Seeds

These seeds are for cultivation and not for consumption. After you grow it, extract can be made from the leaves.  The Phalaris species are known to be a natural source of DMT alkaloids containing anything from 0,007 to 0,18% of the dry plant matter. The production of alkaloids can be induced by stressing the plant. Do not forget that Canary Grass also has Gramine, a toxic substance that might be responsible for the possible toxic effects coming from Canary grass ingestion. As a natural source of DMT it can also be used in combination with Banisteriopsis Caapi or Pegamum Harmala as an ingredient for Ayahuasca.


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